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Beaumont Public Engagement Survey

  1. Select the priority of importance for each eligible activity.

  2. Assistance for Homebuyers: Providing down Payment Assistance*
  3. Assistance for Homeowners: Housing Repair, Reconstruction, and Lead Abatement*
  4. Assistance for Renters: Creating and Rehabilitating Affordable Rental Units*
  5. Economic Development Needs: Job Creation/Retention, Employment Training, and Business Lending*
  6. Fair Housing Needs: Promoting Fair Housing Through Education and Training*
  7. Improvement of Neighborhood Facilities: Constructing Community Centers, Libraries, and Parks*
  8. Other: Mental Health Services, Senior Housing, Housing for Persons with Disabilities, Energy-Efficiency Improvements, Demolition of Blighted Structures, Workforce Development Programs, Services for Special Needs, Storm Sewer Projects*
  9. Select the priority of importance for each neighborhood feature.

  10. Child Care Services: Day Care*
  11. Community Spaces: Multi-Service Center*
  12. Employment Opportunities*
  13. High-Quality Schools*
  14. Medical Services: Doctor, Clinic, Pharmacy*
  15. Public Transportation*
  16. Recreational Facilities: Parks*
  17. Retail Services: Grocery Store, Shopping Mall, Restaurant*
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