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Volunteer Application

  1. Do you have any previous volunteer experience? *
  2. Do you have any previous experience working with animals?*
  3. What days are you available to volunteer? Select all that apply.*
  4. What work would you like to do at Beaumont Animal Care?*
  5. Acknowledgements*
    1. Any applicant with a conviction for animal cruelty will not be allowed to participate in the volunteer program. 
    2. I will donate my services and time to Beaumont Animal Care without salary, pay, compensation or the expectation of future employment. 
    3. I understand that I am a volunteer and not an employee of the City of Beaumont. 
    4. Smoking is not allowed at Beaumont Animal Care. 
    5. I will comply with all City ordinances and state laws related to the proper and humane treatment of animals. 
    6. I agree to follow all City of Beaumont policies and procedures. 
    7. I agree to follow all directions given by Beaumont Animal Care staff. 
    8. I understand that Beaumont Animal Care does not guarantee the age, health, training, or temperament of any animal. 
    9. I understand that Beaumont Animal Care will not be responsible or liable for any loss or injury that I obtain while volunteering. 
    10. Beaumont Animal Care reserves the right to decline any application or terminate volunteer services at any time.
    11. I understand that my photo may be taken at various events and projects and I hereby grant Beaumont Animal Care permission to use pictures of me for free in any and all of its publications or on the internet. 
    12. Volunteers are only allowed to volunteer during normal operating hours and at other sanctioned times / off site events.
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