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Foster Application

  1. Do you currently have a veterinarian?*
  2. Have you ever fostered animals before?*
  3. Are you willing to administer medication if needed?*
  4. I am interested in fostering: (Please select all that apply)*
  5. Acknowledgements*
    1. The foster applicant will be responsible for any and all medical treatments and or veterinary care that an animal may require while in foster care, if they decide to take the animal to their own vet. 
    2. The foster applicant agrees to comply with all state laws and local ordinances related to the proper and humane treatment of animals. 
    3. The foster applicant agrees to provide humane care, food, water, shelter, and exercise, for the pets in his/her care. 
    4. The foster applicant agrees to not let cats or kittens roam free. 
    5. The foster applicant will only relinquish custody of the foster pet to Beaumont Animal Care. 
    6. The foster applicant acknowledges that Beaumont Animal Care does not guarantee the age, health, training, or temperament of any animal. 
    7. The foster applicant understand and agrees that they are a temporary foster for the animal and the animal is still property of Beaumont Animal Care. 
    8. The foster applicant agrees that the address listed on this application is the address where the animal will be residing. 
    9. The foster applicant agrees to have the animal back at Beaumont Animal Care by the agreed upon date.
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