Do You Accept Insurance?
  • Will EMS file a claim with the insurance company?
    As a courtesy, EMS will file the claim if complete insurance information and a signature to pay the provider are received. EMS has 90 days from the date of service to file the claim to private insurance companies and Medicaid. If the insurance information is not received in enough time to allow for timely filing the patient will have to file the claim themselves.
  • Does the City accept retroactive Medicaid?
    According to the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual Vol. 1, September 2012, "If a person is not eligible for medical services under Texas Medicaid on the date of service, reimbursement for all care and services provided must be resolved between the provider and the client receiving the services. Providers are not required to accept Medicaid for services provided during the client's retroactive eligibility period and may continue to bill the client for those services." As of October 1, 2012, the City of Beaumont declares that it is under no obligation to accept Medicaid for services provided during the client's retroactive eligibility period and may continue to bill the client for those services.
  • Why am I receiving a bill when I gave my insurance information to the paramedic?
    The paramedics' number one priority is the treatment and care of the patient. Sometimes complete insurance information is not documented.
  • How much will my insurance pay?
    Insurance companies pay claims based on the type of coverage each individual policy provides. To determine this you must read the contract you have with your insurance company. Medicare and Medicaid will absolutely not pay if you are not transported to a hospital. Medicare and Medicaid will also not pay if you are transported and they do not consider the reason for the transport to the hospital as life or limb-threatening. Beaumont EMS does balance bills for any unpaid amount not received from the insurance company.
  • Why am I getting a bill when my insurance is paid?
    Beaumont EMS balances bills for all non-Medicare, Tricare, VA, Medicaid, and Worker's Compensation insurers. We do not have contracts with private insurance companies therefore we do not waive any unpaid portion of the bill.
  • If I was involved in an automobile accident, what insurance information do I need to provide?
    Auto insurance, if you have personal injury protection (PIP), would be the primary insurance to file. If there is no PIP then submit your medical insurance information.
  • If I was injured on the job, what information do I need to file a claim?
    We need the name of the employer, their physical business address, and the name of their worker's compensation carrier.

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