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Skate Park Plaza

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Beaumont's Beautiful Mountain Skate Plaza features a wide selection of world-class skate terrain for all ages and skill levels. Features include ledges, rails, banks, manual pads, a bank-to-bank, and long quarter pipes for transitional skating. Do you like stairs? There's a two-stair, three-stair, seven-stair, and even a big three-stair set. Choose your lines and skate all day. The park is open from dusk until dawn and is located at the intersection of Laurel Avenue and Magnolia Street, adjacent to the Beaumont Event Centre. We invite skaters of all ages and skill levels to enjoy this great facility.

Skate Park Rules

  • Usage is intended for skateboards and BMX freestyle bikes (plastic pegs only).
  • Be responsible: This park is not supervised.
  • Safety First: Helmets and other protective gear are highly recommended.
  • Be respectful of others: Fighting and foul language are prohibited.
  • Clean up after yourself: Do not leave trash on or around the skate plaza.
  • Protect the park: No gum, food, or drinks on the skate surface.
  • Competitive or demonstration events are not allowed without prior approval from the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Graffiti, tagging, littering, stickers, or other items are not allowed in the skate plaza.
  • The facility is used by both experienced and inexperienced skaters. Serious injury may result from being hit by a skateboard, falling, or colliding. The City does not assume responsibility for injuries. Skating is at your own risk.