How can I contact 311?

You can contact 311 by dialing 311 or 409-980-8311; emailing Beaumont 3-1-1; or by using the Beaumont 311 App on your smartphone.

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1. What is the purpose of 311?
2. What are some of the things I can call 311 for?
3. How can I contact 311?
4. How do I follow up on service requests?
5. How do I let someone know about my experience?
6. Can I call Beaumont 3-1-1 if I am located outside of the city limits?
7. Will Beaumont 3-1-1 operators be able to respond to calls in languages other than English?
8. Can I use 3-1-1 to sign up for emergency notification requests?
9. Where do I go to report broken street lights?