I see a leak on x,y,z street! Are you fixing it?

City crews have been working extended hours to repair the reported water breaks and are evaluating other options to help expedite the process, many of which have been exacerbated by the drought conditions. We prioritize major breaks which will have the greatest impact upon our water system over smaller leaks but want you to know this one has been noted and is on our radar. We appreciate your patience and ask that if you do continue to see increased pressure or a fire hydrant running, please note the address and continue to report it to 311.

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1. Why are we under water restrictions?
2. How long will this last?
3. Is the City of Beaumont under a boil water notice?
4. How does this affect me?
5. What is limited to specific days/times?
6. What are my designated days and times?
7. What is prohibited? The following are defined as non-essential:
8. Was this related to the salt in the water?
9. I see a leak on x,y,z street! Are you fixing it?
10. How does this affect car washes and other commercial facilities?
11. Are the splash pads open?
12. I still see City crews watering the landscaping?
13. What is the City doing to help reduce their water usage?
14. Is my water bill going to be affected?
15. How can we help?