Is the water safe for drinking and bathing?

 YES. The City is doing this to ensure the water continues to be safe for drinking, bathing and other normal uses.

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1. Is the water safe for drinking and bathing?
2. Are we under a boil water notice?
3. If restaurants are serving bottled water, how can we be sure it’s safe to drink from the tap?
4. How can I be sure my water tastes/looks how it’s supposed to?
5. What can / should I do if I still have concerns or my water tastes or looks different?
6. What is so bad about nitrification?
7. Why are we doing this?
8. What do I do if my water tastes/smells bad?
9. Why are we flushing so much when we’re under drought conditions?
10. Does the Free Chlorine Water Conversion relate to the Water Restrictions and/or Water Leaks?