How do I adopt a pet?

You must be 18 years old, have a valid driver's license, and fill out a pre-adoption application. Once the application is submitted, the potential adopter will have 24 hours, excluding Sundays and Holidays, to call the shelter or stop by the shelter to meet the animal.

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1. What is included in an adoption?
2. What kinds of animals does the shelter adopt out?
3. What are Beaumont Animal Care's business hours?
4. Does Beaumont have any breed bans?
5. If a stray animal is picked up, what happens?
6. What should I do if I see a loose animal?
7. Is animal care part of the Beaumont Police Department?
8. What laws and ordinances exist for loose dogs? How is it enforced?
9. What laws and ordinances exist for dumping animals?
10. Do officers respond to calls about vicious animals?
11. I found a lost animal I suspect is a pet, but has no ID. How can I help find its owner?
12. My cat/dog is lost! What can I do?
13. Why should I microchip my pet? Does Beaumont Animal Care administer microchips?
14. How do I adopt a pet?
15. When will an animal go up for adoption?