Is this the only way to pay my water bills now? Which have fees?

The City of Beaumont has a variety of payment options and the terminology can be confusing. Here are the various payment options and which have associated fees:

AUTO-PAY - this new portal (First Billing Services, which is replacing Click2Gov on 3/15) - With auto-pay, you pay with your credit/debit card or e-check online, both have a small convenience charge.

The customer fees are as follows:

  • Online Credit/Debit = $1.99 for payments between $1-$200
  • Online Credit/Debit = 2.5% of the payment for amounts between $200.01- $25,000
  • E-Check* = $1.95 for payments up to $25,000
  • Payment via Phone = $1.99 for payments up to $200

AUTO-DRAFT - Setup through a Form at City Hall

Auto-draft (ACH) can be setup through a form at City Hall, which is automatically deducted from your checking account and has no fee. You can always pay at Central Collections at City Hall with no fee through the window.

You can pay by mail with no fees.

You can also initiate a bill pay through your bank's online bill pay service. There would be no charge from the City or First Billing for this, but there may be a fee from your bank. You'd need to contact them for more information.

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