Is a Neighborhood Association a Homeowner's Association (HOA)?

No, A notable distinction exists between neighborhood associations (NAs) and homeowners associations (HOAs): NAs operate on a voluntary basis, whereas HOAs are typically established by developers to fund the upkeep of shared amenities and maintain a desired aesthetic standard within the community. HOAs generally require membership fees upon purchasing a home in the community. Once the neighborhood is fully developed, a property management organization may assume the developer's responsibilities in managing the HOA.

NAs, on the other hand, consist of volunteers who collaborate to address community concerns like enhancing the neighborhood's appearance or addressing safety issues such as intersections or sidewalks. NAs often collaborate with local officials to tackle these matters. They may also organize social events or maintain contact information for neighborhood residents. Unlike HOAs, NAs lack the legal authority to impose fees or restrictions on residents.

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1. Is a Neighborhood Association a Homeowner's Association (HOA)?
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