What facilities are available for residents?

The City of Beaumont has 36 parks, 10 splash pads, four community centers, two pools, two hike and bike trails, one golf course, one dog park, one activity center, and one tennis center. Check out our Parks and Recreation Guide (PDF) to learn more.

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1. Can I reserve a park?
2. Can I have a party in the park? What is allowed?
3. Can I have alcohol in the park?
4. Can I reserve a park shelter?
5. Where are the community centers? How do I reserve one?
6. What facilities are available for residents?
7. What sports can I play in Beaumont?
8. When are the pools/splash pads open? Where are they?
9. When can I sign up for summer camp?
10. What parks are being upgraded/when will my playground equipment be replaced?