How do I pay my fine?
  1. City of Beaumont Website. Click the Tab - Pay Traffic Citation.
    • You will need your Citation Number
  2. Pay by Phone: 800-887-5931 - You will need your Citation Number
  3. Mail in Check or Money Order to:

    Beaumont Municipal Court
    P.O. Box 3827
    Beaumont, TX 77704

    Please make sure your Money Order or Check has your name and Citation Number located on it.

4. With a clerk at the Beaumont Municipal Court. Cash, Money Orders, Check, and Credit / Debit Cards are accepted.

Please bring a Valid ID
Monday through Friday 8 am TO 5 pm

5. Night Deposit Box - Check or Money Order only.
Located on the Forsythe side of the Beaumont Municipal Court.

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