How am I billed?

City of Beaumont EMS responds to 911 calls within Beaumont. We partner with the Beaumont Fire Department as first responders who provide assistance prior to our arrival. Beaumont EMS charges a user fee, just like your doctor's office or the hospital emergency room.

By providing the EMS crew your insurance coverage information, our staff can bill your insurance provider, Medicare, Medicaid, MAP or workers compensation directly, so you can focus on a speedy recovery.

With Beaumont EMS, patient care does not end at the hospital emergency room. Our billing services are all done in-house so we can insure the same high-level customer service as we provide in our 911 Center and on the ambulances.

Update/submit new billing information.

Instructions to pay EMS and accounts receivable invoices may be found on the back of your invoice. If you have any questions please call 409-880-3772.

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