What is a CVB? What do they do?

CVB stands for Convention and Visitor's Bureau. It's a marketing organization dedicated to the promotion of Beaumont to encourage people to visit the area, positively promote the city, and offer free resources for trip planning, programs, and events, which also benefit and improve the quality of life in the local community. There's everything from free wedding and family reunion planning services to free weekly yoga classes and kid's crafts at Cattail Marsh.

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1. What is a CVB? What do they do?
2. Why are my tax dollars being used to fund these programs?
3. Wait, this helps lower my taxes? How can I help?
4. How can I get a t-shirt/Beaumont swag?
5. What is the CVB's mission?
6. Can you promote/share my event?
7. Is the Convention & Visitor's Bureau the same as the victor's center on I-10?
8. What does the Convention Sales team do?