Can I Get a Copy of Medical Records?


Patient request for medical records can be made by telephone at 409-880-3963. The patient must come in person, with a picture ID, to pick them up. If the patient cannot pick up their records due to a valid reason, a representative for the patient can pick up their records with a letter signed by the patient and picture IDs for both the patient and representative. There is a two business day turn around time from request to pick up medical records.

Attorneys & Record Company Requests

  • How do I get a copy of a medical record and billing statements?
    Mail requests to:
    3040 College Street
    Beaumont, TX 77701
    Fax requests to 409-832-2945
  • Is there a fee?
    There is a $50 fee for a medical and/or billing search and $5 for each affidavit or set of cross questions.
  • What is considered a "rush request"?
    A rush request will be handled as quickly as possible, but with the same procedures as all other requests.
  • Do we need to provide pre-payment for the records?
    Pre-payments are not required. An invoice will be sent.
  • How long are medical records kept?
    Medical records are kept for five years.
  • Do you accept Letter of Protections?
    No, we do not accept Letter of Protections.

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