Re-entry: How do I get back in the City after a mandatory evacuation is called?

There is no longer a Hologram program. Re-entry will be determined on a case-by-case basis following initial assessment of the City. Safety considerations will be paramount, and arrangements will be made if any area of town is restricted.

If any additional businesses or personnel are needed to get essential city services operational before the Mandatory Evacuation order is lifted, we will use all media forms (as identified below) to disseminate who is eligible to return to the City.

  • We will provide public information messages throughout all events. These alerts will provide current conditions that exist in the city, status of mandatory evacuation order, and notification of any areas of the city that remain restricted if the evacuation order is lifted. The information will be disseminated through the media, and posted on the following websites:
    Beaumont, Texas
  • South East Texas Information

There will also be detailed information updates about the incident, safety messages, advisories, etc. Our goal is to quickly assess critical infrastructure, such as water pressure, potable water, street accessibility, electric power grid, fuel, hospitals, major industry with hazardous material, critical governmental services, etc. If the infrastructure can support citizens returning, our goal is to allow re-entry as quickly as possible. If a particular area is unsafe, re-entry to that area may be limited to essential personnel as noted above.

If you return without permission, you are only delaying the assessment and hindering street clearing, power restoration, adequate water pressure, etc. It slows the recovery and essential restoration process.

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