How do I know when to evacuate?

Listen regularly to your local radio or television stations when the threat of tropical storms or hurricanes exists. Pay close attention when such storms threaten your local area. If it appears that a storm may affect the local area, local officials may order or recommend that residents evacuate and also provide instructions about what people in those areas should do. Be ready to follow the instructions given by local officials. Because it takes time to evacuate heavily populated areas, evacuations may be recommended well before the storm makes landfall.

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1. How do I know when to evacuate?
2. Who should consider leaving before hurricane evacuation is recommended for the general public?
3. What should I do if I need help to evacuate?
4. What should I take with me?
5. If I plan on going to a public shelter, what additional items should I take?
6. What should I not take to a public shelter?
7. Why should I carry food and drinks in my car?
8. What can I do to help others?
9. How do I know where to go in an evacuation?
10. What if I want to stay in my RV or camping trailer?
11. Re-entry: How do I get back in the City after a mandatory evacuation is called?
12. How to obtain Sandbags?