What types of messages will be sent using the service?

Any message regarding the safety or welfare of our community would be disseminated using the STAN service. Examples would include: evacuation or shelter-in-place notices, severe weather warnings and updates, hazardous traffic or road conditions inside the city or affected local routes, and any other situation that could impact the safety, property, or welfare of our citizens.

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1. What is the STAN service?
2. How does the service work?
3. What types of messages will be sent using the service?
4. Does the STAN service replace other systems that have been used to provide time-sensitive information to residents?
5. Is my telephone number included in the notification database?
6. May I use a cell phone as my notification database listing?
7. What precautions are being taken to protect personal information?
8. Will the STAN service work if I have a call screening system on my phone?
9. If I am a non-resident home or condominium owner, what phone should be listed in the notification database?
10. For non-residents or owners who reside out of our city, you may request a cellular phone number be included in our database to contact during emergency situations.
11. My primary phone or my second listing is a cell phone with a non-local area code. Will the STAN service call numbers outside the area?
12. How does the STAN system respond to busy signals or no-answer situations?
13. I was not able to listen to the entire call. Is there a way to repeat the message?
14. I answer the phone but the “Hello” message repeats. It then hangs up, calls back, and the same thing happens again. How can I hear the entire message?