Goals of Downtown Revitalization

Our Mission

The Beaumont City Government mission is to provide exceptional municipal services and to plan for Beaumont's future in a financially responsible manner and an open, transparent, and ethical manner through a high-performing City team that provides outstanding customer service and involves our Beaumont community.

1. Downtown Revitalization: Transform downtown Beaumont into a vibrant hub of commerce, culture, and recreation. This involves renovating historic buildings, creating pedestrian-friendly spaces, and encouraging a mix of businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues that attract both tourists and locals.

2. Neches River Expansion: Develop the area along the Neches River into an inviting waterfront destination. This can include parks, promenades, and recreational facilities, allowing residents and visitors to connect with nature while enhancing the City's aesthetics.

3. Economic Diversification: Attract new industries and businesses to foster economic growth and job opportunities. By creating a diverse economic landscape, Beaumont can establish resilience against economic fluctuations.

4. Community Connectivity: Develop efficient transportation networks, including public transit and pedestrian pathways, to enhance connectivity between downtown, the Neches River area, and other neighborhoods.

5. Cultural Enrichment: Foster a thriving arts and cultural scene by supporting local artists, galleries, and performance spaces. Cultural events and festivals contribute to a sense of community identity and pride.

Strategic Plan5-Year Goals (2028)

  1. Is a great place to live.
  2. Is a financially sound city providing excellent services to the community.
  3. Has a vibrant downtown/riverfront.
  4. Has livable neighborhoods old and new.
  5. Has upgraded city facilities and infrastructure through investments.

Strategic Plan

15-Year Goals (2038)

  1. Is a beautiful and safe community.
  2. Residents and businesses have community unity and pride. 
  3. Has a vibrant downtown, great neighborhoods - old and new, leisure opportunities for all, and connectivity to the world. 
  4. Is a special place to live.

strategic plan final (1080 x 1350 px)