Official City of Beaumont Podcast - the Beaumont Beat

Welcome to the Beaumont Beat, a new video podcast to connect citizens directly to the executive office, departments and staff. Listen along as we discuss hot topics, fun stories, and developments for the City of Beaumont straight from the source. 

S2 E2: Black History & Culture Itinerary in Beaumont

Today’s guest, Mr. Issacc Mouton, will share places to go, people you should know, and ways to honor #BlackHistoryMonth in Beaumont. Issacc is a community organizer in Beaumont, Texas. He created and operates the Southeast Texas Black-owned Restaurant Foodie Facebook page, is a small business owner, and podcast host. Issacc also wrote the Black History and Culture Itinerary for Visit Beaumont


0:00-2:40 Intro & Announcements
2:40-3:46 How Juneteenth Impacts SETX
3:46-7:47 Black History & Culture Itinerary in Beaumont (Dining, Shopping & Parks) 7:47-10:38 Notable Locals, Murals & History
10:38-11:11 Beaumont Public Libraries & Black Men Read Program
11:11-12:09 Mardi Gras & Mural Fest
12:09-13:54 Earlie Hudnall, Jr.’s Homeward Exhibit (Art Museum of SETX)
13:54-16:20 Importance of Knowing History
16:20-18:11 How You Can Honor Black History 
18:11-19:07 New City Council Meeting Scheule & Outro


S2 E1: Plans For A Future Beaumont 

Join us for the Season 2 premiere of the Beaumont Beat as Beaumont City Manager Kenneth R. Williams shares a bit about his first full year here, what we can look forward to in 2024, how the city is balancing being fiscally responsible while planning for the future, and a topic that many of you are wanting to hear more about - the plans for downtown.


0:00-1:56 Intro & Announcements

1:56-2:57 Quality of Life

2:57-4:39 1st Year as Beaumont City Manager

4:39-7:04 Plans for the Future, Public Works, Public Safety

7:04-7:57 Parks

7:57-11:47 Revitalizing Downtown

11:47-13:30 TIRZ (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone)

13:30-18:08 Fiscal Responsibility

18:08-19:32 Police Chief Retirement

19:32-20:29 Fruit Trees & Outro


S1 E11: Blue Santa Needs Your Help

The Beaumont Police Department has been running the Blue Santa program for 30+ years to help children in need and foster positive police interactions. Learn how you can get involved in spreading joy throughout the community during the holiday season and year-round.

S1 E10: Holiday Ho-Ho-Hosting

With the holiday season in full effect, we wanted to ensure your celebrations are one to remember for all the right reasons. On today’s show, we have tips from Justin Jackson, Environmental Health Manager, who’s talking to us about food preparation, leftovers, and safety, and Mike Harris, Director of Water and Sewer, to talk about FOG (fats, oils, and greases) and the proper disposal of waste after the party’s over. 


S1 E9: Meet the Beaumonsters 

Meet the Beaumonsters, the Convention and Visitor Bureau’s (CVB) newest and cutest mascots, and hear all about their new online gift shop,, just in time for the holiday season.

You’ll also learn what a CVB is, about their economic impact on the local economy, and where you can always find something to do in town.


S1 E8: An inside look at Beaumont Animal Care | Puppies, Kittens, Adoption, OH MY! 

Welcome to the new and improved Beaumont Beat podcast. We’ve rebranded the City Manager Minute and changed up the format to give you a better, more in-depth look at the inner workings of the City with a video component.

Today you’ll meet some of the furry residents of Beaumont Animal Care, hear about recent shelter improvements, expansion plans, holiday tips for pets, and their first-ever Open House event coming up.

S1 E7: CIP | Projects in the Pipeline - Beaumont’s Community Investment Plan Is Here 

Future thinking – today. Beaumont’s Community Investment Plan (CIP) was just approved, which is a multi-year plan to identify, prioritize, budget, and plan major city projects and improvements and identify potential funding sources for fiscal year 2024-2028. There are seven major buckets of projects: Parks, Recreation, Facilities, Water, Wastewater, Drainage, and Streets, but the document is fluid and will be assessed and adjusted annually as needs and priorities change. With almost $100,000,000 of planned investments this year – tune in to hear what projects are underway and in the pipeline.

Community Investment Plan Intro

Planning / Decision Making

Major Topics

Potential for Revisions

FY24 Projects

Future Consideration Projects

Public Safety

Project Funding

When FY24 Projects Start

Closing Remarks


S1 E6: Beautification Projects | Parks in Progress – Building a Pretty City 

It’s been a year since we split Parks and Recreation into two departments so we could focus on each separately – beautification and programming. Hear how it’s going, where we’re at with the 1.4M in projects funded, and what citizens can soon look forward to, including pear trees being back in Pear Orchard and other edible fruit trees planted as a way to combat food deserts around town.  

Beautification Projects Intro

Parks & Rec Split

$1.4M Parks Budget

Beautification Projects

Trails Master Plan

Current Projects

Fruit Trees

Funding Resources

Quality of Life


S1 E5: Water Concerns | H2Whoa – What’s Really Going on With Beaumont’s Water? 

 The City of Beaumont manages 750+ miles of sewer mains, 10,000+ manholes, and 43,000+ sewer taps, which is no small endeavor. Whet your whistle and get answers to all your burning questions and clear up the misconceptions - what is going on with the city’s water and sewer system? Who monitors the water quality? Why do we sometimes have leaks and brown water? And where are we at with the leaks?


S1 E4: Budget Workshop | Money, Money, Money: The Art and Science of Budgeting 

Today we discuss the art and science of budgeting - balancing the wants and needs of council while being fiscally responsible to not put an excessive financial burden on the citizens. We always strive to find a happy medium between making the dollars work for the city and maintaining enough of a cushion and fund balance in case of emergencies. This year’s budget features a number of investments in public safety plus quality-of-life initiatives that citizens can get excited about. Have a listen!


S1 E3: Drought Conditions | Diving Deep Into the Drought 

In this special episode, we’re talking about the emergency drought conditions throughout Beaumont and the state of Texas and how we need citizens to help us conserve water while water restrictions are in effect. We discuss what activities are limited, how we’re addressing the leaks, and that there are no water quality issues. The health and safety of our customers is and will always be our #1 priority.


Water Updates

 S1 E2: Downtown Hotel | Suite Dreams and Big Plans – How a New Convention Hotel Could Bring Big Business to Beaumont 

 We talk about the potential economic impacts and potential next steps for building a full-service convention center hotel downtown. We also address how a convention center differs from a civic center, how hotel revenue can potentially lower your taxes, and what the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) does to drive tourism and bring business to the area.

S1 E1: Police, Fire, and EMS Issues & Programs | Behind the Badge: Public Safety in Focus 

To kick off our podcast, we talked to the City Manager about the tragic national crime epidemic in America and answered the age-old question, “Is Beaumont Safe?” We highlight the incredible community programs the Beaumont Police Department does throughout the year, the new technology and training we’re investing in to ensure a safe city for all, and how the citizens can get involved. We also addressed how we’re working to improve EMS response times and the innovative solutions Beaumont Fire-Rescue is working towards, like starting a Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) Program and telemedicine to better serve the community.