Beaumont Vision 2035: Downtown Plan

Vision 2035: Get to Know the New Downtown Beaumont

We Hope You’ll Be Spending a Lot of Time Here

The City of Beaumont is completely reimagining downtown, but we need your help. This is your chance to help design a dream city with us. As a collaborative effort, it’s no small undertaking. While we want to see the vision come to fruition quickly (trust us, we’re as antsy as you are), but are taking the necessary steps not to rush things. We know we only have one chance to do it right so let’s make this an amazing place we’re excited about together.

The City is doing its due diligence. We’re planning – extensively. Each and every step of the process has had a feasibility study, consultants, and experts weigh in. We’re looking at what other cities are doing while maintaining what makes us unique. We’re striving to be competitive in today's market while planning for the future.

We're ready to share our collective vision with you but also want to know what you want to see. What would make you want to live, play, or work downtown? What would make you proud to call this home?

This is your place to engage with us, provide feedback, and get updates on everything going on as we grow Beaumont – together.

Our commitment to you:

  • Education and Inclusion - We are committed to explaining to as many citizens as possible what the downtown vision is and how it could positively impact Beaumont.
  • Soliciting Feedback and Input  - This is all of our vision for the future – we actively want the community to get involved and contribute to the decision-making process.
  • Continuous Communication Updates - Keeping you informed every step of the way through as many channels as possible.

Help US design YOUR dream city TOGETHER.strategies infographic