City of Beaumont Strategic Plan

Strategic PlanOur Mission

The Beaumont City Government mission is to provide exceptional municipal services and to plan for Beaumont's future in a financially responsible manner and an open, transparent, and ethical manner through a high-performing City team that provides outstanding customer service and involves our Beaumont community.

Strategic Plan

5-Year Goals (2028)

  1. Is a great place to live.
  2. Is a financially sound city providing excellent services to the community.
  3. Has a vibrant downtown/riverfront.
  4. Has livable neighborhoods old and new.
  5. Has upgraded city facilities and infrastructure through investments.

Strategic Plan

15-Year Goals (2038)

  1. Is a beautiful and safe community.
  2. Residents and businesses have community unity and pride. 
  3. Has a vibrant downtown, great neighborhoods - old and new, leisure opportunities for all, and connectivity to the world. 
  4. Is a special place to live.

Strategic Plan

2023-2024 Agenda

Policy - Top Priority

  • Downtown Hotel Development Project
  • Economic Development Policies/Strategy: Study Completion, Policy Direction, Action Plan and Funding Mechanism
  • Downtown Riverfront Master Plan
  • Water Park: Feasibility Study, Direction, Partner and Funding Mechanism
  • Real Time Crime Center Project Completion: Additional Funding and Implementation
  • Homeless Strategy: Problem Analysis, Report with Options, Community Partners/City Role, Direction and Funding Mechanism
  • Wastewater System Improvement/Upgrade Plan: Goals, Problem Analysis, Plan Development, Direction and Funding Mechanism

Management - Top Priority

  • Strategic Plan 2023-2028-2038: Development, Adoption and Ongoing Process Implemented
  • AT&T Building Demolition: Completion
  • Mandatory Customer Service Training: Completion
  • Bond Rating Improvement Strategy/Action Plan: Development
  • Capital Improvement Plan (5-Year) and Process: Development, Adoption, Ongoing Process and Funding Mechanism
  • Civic Center Upgrade: Direction and Funding – Masonry Restoration; Dressing Room Upgrade; Concession Stand

Policy - High Priority

  • Comprehensive, Citywide City/Community Beautification Program: Best Practices, Potential Partners, City Role, Report with Options, Direction and City Actions
  • Food Truck Park and Beer Garden at the Neches River Establishment: Report, Direction and City Actions
  • Indoor Sport Space: Concept, Feasibility Study, Partner, Direction and Next Steps
  • Vacant Lots Policy/Action Plan: Direction
  • Litter/Cleanup Short-Term Action Plan: Best Practices, Report with Options, Direction and Funding
  • Comprehensive, Citywide City/Community Beautification Program: Best Practices, Potential Partners, City Role, Report with Options, Direction and City Actions

Management - High Priority

  • Sidewalk Master Plan: Development and Adoption
  • Dog Park: Construction and Opening
  • City Employee Classification and Compensation: Review, Report with Findings and Options, Direction and Funding
  • City Legislative Agenda and Advocacy: Key Issues, Direction and Lobbying
  • City Vehicles Accident Reduction Plan: Report with Options, Direction and City Actions
  • Children Museum Plan/Relocation: Report Direction and Funding
  • HOME Program Guideline: Completion
  • I-10 Construction Project: Monitoring