Special Election Information

The upcoming November Special Election holds great importance for our community. It provides a platform for citizens to have a say in the amending of our City Charter. These amendments could significantly impact our local governance, and we encourage all eligible voters to review the proposals and participate in this vital decision-making process by voting in the special election.

This page offers comprehensive information about the proposed charter amendments and voting details. Here, you'll find clear explanations of each amendment's potential impact on our city's governance and proposed wording changes. Additionally, you can find information on polling locations and voting hours.

Your vote is essential in shaping our city's future, and we encourage you to make an informed decision in the November Special Election. By participating, you actively contribute to our community's development and progress. Explore the proposed charter amendments and voting information on this page, and thank you for being an engaged citizen in our democratic process.

You can view a sample ballot here.