Genealogy Research

What is genealogy? a computer and microfilm machine on a desk

Genealogy is the study and tracing of family lines and ancestors. It is a field of research that focuses on discovering and documenting the relationships between individuals across generations. Genealogists gather information about individuals, such as their names, dates of birth, marriages, and deaths, and use various sources to create a comprehensive family tree.

The primary goal of genealogy is to understand and document a family history, including the connections between ancestors and descendants. This research often involves uncovering and preserving historical documents, records, photographs, oral histories, and other sources of information. This is where the Tyrrell Historical Library can help.

How to Start Your Genealogy Journey

a shelf of old books behind locked glass reads Annual Report of the American Historical AssociationConsult Reference Materials

The Tyrell Historical Library houses a wide range of genealogical reference materials, including books, atlases, encyclopedias, and directories. These resources can provide valuable information about family histories, regional genealogies, and other relevant data.

Explore our Digital Archives

We work every day to add new digital records to our online database, the Digital Collections Portal. You can click through family photos, scrapbooks, and more. 

Search Online Databases

We offer access to online genealogical databases, including These databases include digitized records, such as birth, marriage, and death certificates, census data, immigration records, military records, and more. You can use these databases to search for specific individuals or families.

Access Local and Regional Histories

Being in the heart of the Golden Triangle, the Tyrell Historical Library has a collection of local and regional southeast Texas history that can provide insights into the communities and families that lived in our area. These histories may contain biographical information, family narratives, and photographs that can be valuable for genealogical research. You can start your search by looking in our Master Index to the Archives.a drawer full of microfilm boxes from Mississippi census records of 1880

Explore Newspapers and Periodicals

The Tyrell Historical Library has an extensive collection of newspapers and periodicals, including the Beaumont Enterprise archives. These resources can be helpful for finding obituaries, marriage announcements, birth announcements, and other significant events in your family's history.

Utilize Microfilm/Microfiche Collections

The Tyrrell Historical Library has microfilm and microfiche collections that contain historical documents, newspapers, and other archival materials from all over the country, including census records and war muster rolls. These collections can be particularly useful for accessing older records that may not be available in digital formats.

a man standing in front of a chest of drawers with an Index guide printed on topSeek Assistance from Librarians and Archivists

Librarians and archivists are trained professionals who can offer guidance and support in your genealogical research. They are familiar with the library's collections and can help you navigate various resources, suggest relevant materials, and provide research tips. You can call our office or visit our Facebook page to get in touch with us.

Join Genealogical Society Programs

Our library collaborates with local genealogical societies to host programs and workshops related to genealogy. These events often provide opportunities to learn new research techniques, connect with other researchers, and access additional resources. Check our Facebook page for event announcements!