Apply for a Library Card

Getting a library card is a valuable investment in expanding your knowledge, fostering a love for reading, and accessing a wealth of resources. A library card grants you access to an extensive collection of books, magazines, newspapers, and academic journals. Whether you're interested in fiction, non-fiction, self-help, or educational materials, the Beaumont Public Library System offers a diverse range of resources to suit every taste and interest. With a library card, you can borrow books and explore various genres without the need to purchase them, saving you money while still enjoying a wide array of literature.

A library card opens the door to a host of additional services and benefits. The Beaumont Public Library System provides access to digital resources such as e-books, audiobooks, and online databases, allowing you to expand your reading options and conduct research from the comfort of your home. 

Each library branch frequently offers workshops, classes, and events that cater to different age groups and interests, promoting lifelong learning and community engagement. From book clubs to author talks to children's programs, libraries foster a sense of belonging and intellectual growth for individuals of all backgrounds. By obtaining a library card, you gain not only access to a treasure trove of knowledge but also the opportunity to participate in a vibrant and supportive community of readers and learners.

Which application is for you?

If you are a resident of Beaumont (living within city limits), you will  need to fill out an Adult Library Card Application.

If you are a resident of Beaumont (living within city limits) that is under the age of eighteen (18), fill out the Youth Library Card Application

If you are not a resident of Beaumont, fill out our Non-Resident Library Card Application.