Teen & Tween Programs

Library programming for ages 12-18 plays a crucial role, offering a multitude of benefits and opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. The Beaumont Public Library System's four Library Branches serve as safe and welcoming spaces where young individuals can explore their interests, expand their knowledge, and discover new ideas. We provide access to a diverse collection of books, magazines, digital resources, and multimedia materials, catering to a wide range of topics and genres that resonate with the interests and curiosities of teens and tweens.

Library programs tailored for this age group offer unique avenues for self-expression and social engagement. These programs often include book clubs, writing workshops, technology classes, art exhibitions, and various interactive events. By participating in these programs, teens and tweens have the chance to connect with their peers who share similar interests, fostering a sense of belonging and community. Additionally, library programs provide platforms for young individuals to develop essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, and digital literacy, preparing them for academic and personal success.

Our year-round and seasonal events are invaluable for teens and tweens as they provide a nurturing environment that encourages lifelong learning, fosters social connections, nurtures creativity, and supports academic growth. By embracing the resources and opportunities offered by libraries, young individuals can embark on a journey of personal and intellectual development, empowering them to become well-rounded, informed, and engaged members of their communities.


Join or Start a Social Club!

Whether you're seeking a community of individuals who share your passions or you're eager to discover a new hobby, our diverse range of social clubs has something for everyone. Engage in epic quests and immersive storytelling through Dungeons & Dragons or indulge in the virtual realms of video gaming with our Gamer's Club. If culinary delights are your passion, join the Cookbook Club and expand your culinary repertoire through shared recipes and cooking techniques. These are just a few examples of the exciting social clubs available, ensuring that you can connect with others who share your interests and engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Featured Programs

Crochet Café

Theodore Johns Library

Find a new hobby with like-minded friends at our Crochet Café. Bring your current project or some supplies to start, and crochet with us!