Youth Programs

kids sitting around a table each with their own book, smiling at the camera
Libraries play a vital role in the lives of children, providing them with invaluable early learning opportunities and fostering a love for reading and exploration. Libraries offer a treasure trove of age-appropriate books, interactive storytimes, and engaging activities that cater to the developmental needs and interests of young children. From board books and picture books to early literacy programs, libraries cultivate a nurturing environment where kids can embark on exciting literary adventures and develop essential pre-reading skills such as letter recognition, vocabulary, and phonemic awareness. Additionally, libraries serve as community hubs, bringing together parents, caregivers, and children in a supportive and educational setting, promoting social interactions and creating lifelong memories around books and learning. By exposing children to the wonders of literature and providing a welcoming space for early literacy development, libraries empower young minds, laying a strong foundation for their future academic success and fostering a lifelong love for reading.

The Beaumont Public Library System has youth programming for children ages 0 to 12. We offer seasonal activities such as Summer Camp as well as year-round classes and events - all for free. To see this month's calendar of events, look at our online Library Calendar.

  1. STEAM

STEAM education is a dynamic approach to learning that integrates the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. By merging these diverse fields, STEAM education aims to cultivate student inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It encourages students to explore real-world challenges through hands-on activities, fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration. An excellent example of this approach is the "STEAM It Up" program, along with other engaging initiatives, specifically tailored for students in Grades 1 to 6. The best part is that these programs are offered completely free of charge, ensuring accessibility for all students, regardless of their background or financial resources.

Through the "STEAM It Up" program and similar activities, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide range of interactive and experiential learning experiences. They can design and build structures, conduct scientific experiments, explore coding and robotics, create artistic projects, and engage in mathematical problem-solving. By integrating these various disciplines, students develop a holistic understanding of how knowledge interconnects and apply their skills to real-life situations. The free availability of such programs allows students to unlock their potential, nurture their interests, and develop a lifelong love for STEAM education, paving the way for future success in a rapidly evolving world.

Youth Literacy Programs

55 x 5 Literacy Programa child smiling holding up a paper that reads 55x5Certificate - congratulations

The 55 by 5 program revolves around the fundamental belief that a combination of books and play is instrumental in fostering effective learning. The program is thoughtfully structured to encourage children to read a total of 50 books and actively engage in five brain development activities by the time they reach the age of five. By emphasizing both reading and play, this initiative aims to provide young learners with a well-rounded educational experience that supports their cognitive growth and development.

Through the 55 by 5 program, children are encouraged to delve into the captivating world of literature, exploring various stories, genres, and ideas. Reading not only enhances their language skills but also broadens their knowledge, stimulates their imagination, and cultivates a lifelong love for learning. Complementing the power of books, the program also emphasizes the importance of engaging in brain development activities. These activities, carefully designed to be age-appropriate and stimulating, help enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and other cognitive abilities. By combining the joys of reading with purposeful play, the 55 by 5 program creates an enriching environment that fosters holistic growth and prepares children for future academic success.

a kid smiling while reading a book at a table1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Embarking on a literary challenge, the goal is set to read 1000 books alongside your child before they enter the world of kindergarten. By dedicating a cozy bedtime routine and reading one book each night, you'll be amazed at the progress achieved. In fact, this consistent reading practice would accumulate to approximately 365 books in a year, contributing significantly to your child's growing library of knowledge and imagination. Remarkably, if you initiate this delightful habit from an early age, by the time your child reaches three years old, you would have already accomplished the remarkable feat of completing the 1000-book challenge. 

Learning BackpacksA rack of clear backpacks with library games inside

At every single public library branch, you'll discover an incredible assortment of backpacks specifically designed for the enjoyment and enrichment of our beloved Youth, as well as our vibrant and curious Teens and Tweens. These exceptional backpacks cater to a broad range of interests and educational pursuits, encompassing an array of captivating topics, such as the promotion of Literacy, the exploration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), engaging Games, and even the nurturing of Resiliency.

To ensure that each backpack is matched with its intended audience, every backpack comes with a distinctive tag that displays both the designated age group and the topic it encompasses. This labeling system ensures that our young library patrons can effortlessly identify the perfect backpack to suit their individual interests and developmental needs.

Checking out these backpacks is a breeze! All you need is a library card, and you can keep it for up to two weeks. Don't have a library card yet? Apply for one today.

Featured Programs

Family Place

Theodore Johns Library

Family Place builds on the knowledge that good health, early learning, parental involvement and supportive communities play a critical role in a young child’s growth and development. The overall goal of Family Place Libraries is to develop and institutionalize a family friendly environment by transforming libraries into community centers for literacy, early childhood development, parent education and engagement, family support and community information.