Why You Should Attend a City Council Meeting

Did you know that the elected city leaders for Beaumont meet every week? Yes, it’s true! City Council meets every Tuesday at 1:30 PM in City Hall to discuss everything from capital projects to red tagged buildings – and everything in between. This is the chance for any citizen to voice concerns about things happening in Beaumont and bring up issues you think Council should prioritize. These weekly meetings are the best way to make your voice heard, and here’s how to do it: 

a picture of a podium with a row of chairs in a semi-circle facing the podiumOffer Your Opinion on Agenda Items

Each week, citizens are given the opportunity to speak on the major issues to be discussed and voted on. Typically done right after the Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation, and Roll Call, the Mayor will call for public comment on the Consent and Regular Agenda, which is when any citizen can voice their opinions, comments, and concerns for up to three minutes at the podium. For larger issues, there are also Public Hearings and Work Sessions.

To see what’s on this week’s agenda, visit the City’s archive and find the corresponding date. According to the Open Meetings Act, all City Council Agendas must be made public at least 72 hours in advance, meaning they’ll be available Friday afternoon for the following Tuesday’s meeting.

Speak Your Mind  

After the Consent Agenda and Regular Agenda have been completed, the Mayor will invite any other persons who wish to speak. This is the time to raise attention to any issue close to your heart, speak your mind on decisions made, or even just to tell the Council something you think they should hear. The sky’s the limit for what you can comment on but be mindful that the three-minute limit still applies.  

City Council meetings are geared towards citizen action, meaning that they are used as a tool to communicate with the public what’s going on and how to get involved. Take advantage of this time to make a difference in your community! 

How to Speak at Council

Register your info in the kiosk at the back of the room and notate whether you want to speak on behalf of one of the agenda items or during the public comment section. The City Clerk will call your name when it is your turn. You must be physically present, and you are required to state your first name, last name, and address for the City Council Meeting Minutes, which are recorded by the City Clerk. You’ll have 3 minutes, which is kept track of with a countdown timer at the podium. 

Please note: You must be physically present to comment at City Council Meetings.