Animal Lovers: 5 Ways to Get Involved with Beaumont Animal Care

Beaumont Animal Care has a variety of ways to get involved, and in fact, succeeds because of support from the community. Even if adopting isn’t in the cards for you right now, don’t despair. Animal lovers have no shortage of ways to help support their local animal shelter (including potentially playing with puppies).

Whether you’re looking to get hands-on volunteering or are keen on helping spread the word about pets in need, you can contribute as little as an hour a day and truly make a lasting impact.

Become a Volunteer

Beaumont Animal Care has a great volunteer program – and it’s open to everyone! Volunteers are always needed, and every day brings a new adventure! The best part? There’s no minimum time commitment. Come once a week for an hour or come whenever the urge strikes. One day you may be walking dogs, the next, you might be snuggling a litter of kittens. Animals need a certain amount of socialization each day, making volunteers essential. Just consider it free animal therapy.

If you’re looking to get involved, BAC holds a monthly volunteer orientation, where you can learn all about the processes and inner workings of the Shelter. To get started, fill out a Volunteer Application.

Become a Foster

For those who want to get hands-on but cannot permanently welcome an animal into your home, fostering may be for you. Fostering is different from volunteering in a few ways, the biggest being that the animal(s) is housed in your own home. You can find a comprehensive list of things to know about fostering here.

Fostering is sometimes the best way to help adoptable animals because it frees up valuable space at the Shelter and helps acclimate the pet to human (and occasionally other animal) interaction. Additionally, it gives the necessary attention to animals with special needs, such as younger kittens needing to be bottle-fed, a dog recovering from surgery, or a dog showing signs of stress from being caged at the Shelter.

The Fostering program is a long-term commitment of up to one to two months, so be sure to talk to anyone living in your home about it first to get their blessing (including your landlord). You also must be over the age of eighteen to participate. You can find the Foster Application on our website.

Beaumont Animal Care provides basic medical care for their fosters only if animals are treated through their contracted vet. If a foster decides to take an animal to their own vet, it will be at their own expense. Unfortunately, Beaumont Animal Care cannot cover the cost of food, toys, bedding, etc. for every animal in foster care.

Give a Donation

Maybe your dog has outgrown its crate or bed, or perhaps you just find yourself with an excessive amount of towels at your home. Instead of chucking these items, consider donating them to the Shelter. Not sure what to give? The Shelter has a Pet Registry you can purchase from, or you can call the Shelter to see what items they are running low on at the moment. Their needs differ from animal to animal, and seasonal changes bring their own challenges. For instance, winter requires more blankets to keep warm, while kitten season (spring) might need more food than usual.

Make a Monetary Donation

Beaumont Animal Care takes in between five and twenty-five animals a day and provides all the medical expenses necessary for adoption. Beyond veterinary services, every animal needs items like bedding, treats, toys, and of course, food. On average, that costs between $200 – $800, which really adds up.

Beaumont Animal Care graciously accepts monetary donations 24/7, directly benefiting their lifesaving mission. You can mail a check directly to Beaumont Animal Care (1884 Pine Street) or donate online.

Get Social

Sharing their posts and photos is very helpful in reaching a larger audience. They update their social media page almost daily with adoptable dogs and cats. The more people who see these photos, the higher the likelihood that animals will find their forever home. Who knows, maybe your aunt has been looking for a new companion, and you helped facilitate the connection? Give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram — it costs nothing!