Ida Reed Dog Park

a man holding his dog in his arms in front of a sign that reads Ida Reed Dog ParkDog parks are designated public areas where dogs can safely and legally socialize, play and exercise off-leash. The city's dog park is located within Ida Reed Park. Letting your dog exercise off-leash and play with other dogs promotes good health and good behavior. Just like humans, dogs need exercise. Designated off-leash areas allow dogs to run and play freely.

  • Dogs are social animals, and off-leash areas allow them to play with other dogs, providing the stimulation they need to be happy and healthy.
  • Dog parks are shown to improve the behavior of animals by allowing them to practice social behavior and get the physical activity they need.
  • Dog parks are good for dog owners.
  • Dog parks provide a safe environment for owners to run their dogs.
  • Dog parks provide a convenient and fun social forum for dog owners to share information on responsible pet ownership.
  • Dog parks give owners a designated place to let their dogs run off-leash, thus decreasing the number of dogs running loose in parks, fields, and other areas. This prevents encounters between loose dogs and joggers, children, or those who may be fearful of, or allergic to dogs.
  • Dog parks discourage crime by providing a constant presence of people and dogs.