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The City of Beaumont is committed to the beauty, health, and environment of the community through thoughtful planning and maintenance of green spaces in parks, along roadways, and city-wide. The Department is responsible for the grounds and equipment in 36 City parks, the landscaping of 65-plus sites around city-owned buildings such as the Julie Rogers Theatre and the Downtown Event Centre, the downtown sidewalks, 3 miles of Calder Avenue in the Historic District, and more than 600 acres of highway medians.

The Parks and Greenspace Management Department is dedicated to the goal of sustainability in green space management and urban forestry. This is accomplished by reducing or avoiding the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides and adopting Earth-Kind landscaping methods.

Earth-Kind Landscaping is a program developed by Texas A&M University to improve planting practices, conserve water, and protect the environment. It uses research-proven techniques and combines the best of organic and traditional landscaping principles to create a horticultural system based on real-world effectiveness and environmental responsibility. Earth-Kind landscaping encourages:

  • Landscape water conservation
  • Reduction of fertilizer and pesticide use
  • Landscaping for energy conservation
  • Reduction of landscape wastes entering landfills

In addition to the Earth-Kind methodology, the Department also follows the Bee City USA framework by incorporating pollinator-friendly plants into the landscape and protecting plants from pesticides.

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Find a Park

Did you know there are 38 parks in the City of Beaumont? And we take care of them all! From the mowing to the planting, the beauty you see is manicured by our staff.

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Pools & Splashpads

Did you know that there are two free public pools and 10 free public splash pads in the City of Beaumont? Facilities are maintained by the Parks and Greenspace Department and open seasonally from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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Cool off Locations in Beaumont

Parks Maintenance

Litter Clean-Up

The Parks and Greenspace Department is responsible for picking up roadside trash from all city parks, city streets, and highway medians/ditches in Beaumont. Sign up if you're interested in participating in a volunteer clean-up day and commit to keeping the City green and clean!

If interested in volunteering, please complete the Parks and Greenspace Volunteer Sign-Up form.

Urban Forestry

Trees intercept and absorb stormwater, reducing runoff and soil erosion. This is particularly helpful given the flood issues the City experiences. Trees help clean the air by absorbing and storing carbon, removing it from the atmosphere. Trees can screen out noise pollution. They also provide a habitat for wildlife, which is very important in an urban setting. The Parks and Greenspace Management Department is working to correct the decline in the number and the health of canopy tree stock throughout the city over recent decades as a result of the natural age process and severe weather conditions.

Read more about Urban Forestry on the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension - Earthkind page.