If you received a citation for Expired Drivers License, Expired License Plates, or Expired MVI Sticker, and you get these items renewed before your due date, bring a receipt for each, and present these items to the Judge, then the Judge may dismiss these charges with a $10 fee on each.

If you received a citation for No Financial Responsibility, you must present a liability insurance policy or a certificate of insurance issued by the State that was effective on the date you were cited.

The insurance card issued for carrying the car is sufficient evidence. Your proof of insurance will be verified and your case dismissed, if the insurance is valid.

Please note: Any attempts to pass a faulty or altered insurance card to get a case dismissed will result in criminal charges filed against you at the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office.

If you were charged with No Valid License, and you do indeed have a valid license, you will need to come to Municipal Court and show this evidence to the Judge to have the case dismissed.