Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the city government. In addition, the municipal court is part of the state judicial system.

The municipal court processes and adjudicates all Class "C" misdemeanor violations of state law and city ordinances that occur within the corporate limits of the city. All traffic violations issued by the city are processed by the court. Punishment for these offenses is by fine only.

The court maintains records of all traffic and misdemeanor complaints and convictions, processes payments of fines, prepares documents and schedules trials, notifies witnesses and attorneys of court dates, processes overdue notices of outstanding fines, and collects data for.

Mission Statement

The City of Beaumont Municipal Court's mission is to provide fair and impartial justice under the laws of the State of Texas and to provide due process to defendants in an efficient, professional, and courteous manner.

Self Help Resources

Representing yourself in Court? As required by law under Section 51.808 Texas Government Code, and designated by the Office of Court Administration (OCA), in consultation with the Texas Access to Justice Commission, the links below are provided for you, if you are representing yourself in a case, or thinking about doing so.

Help for Self-Represented-Litigants

The Texas State Law Library website has Self-Help information, forms, and links.

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