Pilot Information

Runway 13-31

Airfield ItemPhysical DescriptionCondition
Dimensions4,001 feet by 75 feetN/A
Surface TypeAsphaltGood
Pavement Strength17,000 (SWG)N/A
True Runway Bearing312.33°N/A
Pavement MarkingsNon-precision; Displace ThresholdsGood
Edge LightingMIRLGood
Visual Approach AidsPAPI each end; REIL at Rwy 13 endGood

Runway 16-34

Airfield ItemPhysical DescriptionCondition
Dimensions2,050 feet by 75 feetN/A
Surface TypeTurfGood
Pavement StrengthN/AN/A
True Runway Bearing348.73°N/A
Pavement MarkingsNoneFair
Edge LightingNone; Edges delineated with painted tiresN/A
Visual Approach AidsNoneN/A

Taxiway Systems

Airfield ItemPhysical DescriptionCondition
Pavement MarkingHoldlines, CenterlinesGood
Edge LightingMITLGood
SignageHolding Position, Location, DirectionalGood

Other Airfield Items

Airfield ItemPhysical DescriptionCondition
Weather SystemAWOS-3 P/T
Airport Rotating BeaconWhite/Green
Lighted Windcone/SegmentedIntersection Twy A and Twy C
CircleNear Terminal Building
RCO TransceiverN/AN/A
MIRL - Medium Intensity Runway Lighting SystemN/AN/A
PAPI - Precision Approach Path IndicatorN/AN/A
REIL - Runway End Identification LightingN/AN/A