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Permit Application, Fees & Instructions & Guidelines

Temporary Food Permits are required of anyone serving food in the City of Beaumont whether the food is given away or sold and when the operation is not conducted from a licensed food service establishment. An application is required to be filled out and and submitted no less than one week prior to the beginning of the event for approval. A food handler certification is required to be obtained, before the temporary permit inspection date.

Temporary Food Permits for 1 to 5 booths are $30 per booth for the initial day. Each subsequent day will be charged $15 (with a max of 14 days), 6 or more booths require a Special Event Permit which is $220 per day of operation of the event. Permits must be applied for and purchased at least 30 days in advance of the Special Event.

A 50% discount is given when the organization is non-profit and youth or elderly oriented.

2024 Food Permit Fees

Please be advised that the Environmental Health Department has updated fees. These new rates will affect any new businesses applying for a Food Permit and any businesses renewing their Food Permit for 2024.

Number of Seats Price
Zero to Ten (10) Stools $150.00
Eleven (11) to Twenty (20) Stools $225.00
Twenty-One (21) to Thirty (30) Stools $250.00
Thirty-One (31) to Fifty (50) Stools $275.00
Fifty-One (51) to Seventy-Five (75) Stools $300.00
Seventy-Six (76) to One Hundred (100) Stools $325.00
One Hundred One (101) or More Stools $350.00
Low Risk Mobile Unit (per year) $100.00
High Risk Mobile Unit (per year) $250.00

Temporary permits are $30 for the initial day. Each subsequent day will be charged $15 (with a max of 14 days).

Special Event Food Permits, Retail Food Permits, Seafood/Wholesale Food Permits, School Food Permits, Seasonal Food Permits, and Vending Machine Food Permit fees will remain the same.

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