Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of a variety of municipal codes and ordinances which were created to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Beaumont. This includes enforcement of various ordinances which regulate:

  • High Weeds and Grass
  • Trash and Litter
  • Junk Vehicles
  • Illegal Dumping
  • General nuisances such as broken sewers, standing water, mosquito breeding grounds, etc.

Our Mission

The mission of Code Enforcement is to help maintain and improve the quality of our community by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program. Code Enforcement Officers work closely with residents and community groups to achieve abatement of reported public health violations. This division also works closely with other City departments to actively enforce City codes, facilitate voluntary compliance, empower community programs (Adopt-a-Street) and participate in community clean-up projects.

Each type of complaint received by Code Enforcement has a specific abatement process that requires each complaint to be viewed by a Code Enforcement Officer. Written notices are issued for identified violations. The City of Beaumont has implemented a one-time mowing, clean-up, and junk vehicle notification process. This allows the City to notify property owners once a year via certified mail of litter, high grass, and junk vehicle violations. Once the property owner has been issued a notice, the City has the right to enter the property and abate the violation during the next 12 months without further notification. Each violation demands time and attention which may include follow-up through a contract to clean, mow, or remove junk vehicles. In some instances, if the property is not brought into compliance, cases are referred to Municipal Court for prosecution.

Please use the listed resources to see the process for identifying and remedying common types of code violations:

You can help make the City of Beaumont a cleaner, safer community by keeping your property clean. To report a litterer in your area, please visit the TXDOT's "Report a Litterer" page. If you would like to report a violation, contact 311 or 409-880-3719.