Beaumont 3-1-1

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Beaumont 311 provides non-emergency services for the citizens of Beaumont, as well as for those individuals passing through the city limits of Beaumont. Beaumont 311 is a "One Stop Shop" and is the best way to alert the City of any non-emergency issues. The 311 Call Center is located in the Beaumont Municipal Court Building in downtown Beaumont but is not accessible to the public. All operators are City of Beaumont employees.

The 311 Call Center is open 7 days a week, from 7 am to 6 pm. After hours, callers will get an auto attendant giving them various options for reporting issues. Each caller's request for service will be evaluated and processed accordingly. All calls are recorded and responded to. On a normal weekday during normal work hours, usually, four operators are on duty at any given time. On Saturdays and Sundays, two operators are on duty during working hours. During an emergency, all operators may be called in.

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3-1-1- Mobile

3-1-1 customers can access our service on their mobile devices. Smartphone or tablet users simply download the Beaumont 311 application on their devices. When you spot a problem, simply launch the app, select an issue, take a picture, and tap submit. The application picks up your exact location and sends the request to the city's 311 service request staff. 311 hours are Monday through Sunday from 7 am to 6 pm (excluding holidays).

Other Important Phone Numbers

ServicesEmailsPhone Numbers
Police, Fire and Medical EmergenciesN/A911
Police, Non-Emergencies    N/A409-832-1234
Report a Power Outages (Entergy)N/A800-968-8243
Report a Broken Street Lamp (Entergy)N/A800-368-3749
City Jobline Apply Online    N/A409-838-5627
Water Customer Service (Billing)    Email Water Customer Service409-866-0023
Municipal Court (Billing)Email Municipal Court409-980-7200